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If there's one area of technology that seems permanently mired in the '70s, it's that of the fold-up bicycle. In fact, the last innovation we can recall is Sir Clive Sinclair's A-Bike from 2006, but it's still big enough to be difficult to carry around. That's what inspired the folks at Impossible...

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November 14, 2014 at 8:48AM
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There's a big frame in Polaroid's Photokina booth -- a giant, blown up version of the iconic white border that graced the company's instant photos for so many decades, beckoning passersby to stand behind it and pose, like muscle man cutouts at a traveling carnival. Directly to its right, attendees...

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Things have been pretty bleak for Polaroid fans ever since the company filed for Chapter 11. Once the producer of an iconic American gadget, the company has been reduced to a corporate shell, its good name taunting us from the face plates of a myriad of consumer electronics -- including instant di...

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