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The Joystiq staff tried to package and send out boxes love to everyone on the internet, but shipping costs were crazy, so we helped prepare this Humble Weekly Bundle instead! The Humble Weekly Bundle Joystiq edition includes Beat Hazard Ultra (plus DLC), Intake, Dungeon of Elements and The Dream...

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November 20, 2014 at 2:00PM
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Intake has been crushing pills into a points-based substance on Steam since November, but for owners of the iPad 2 and above, Cipher Prime Studios has written a new prescription: Take one copy of Intake on May 1 for $2.99 and lose a few afternoons to the arcade-style high score chaser. The iPad ...

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Intake, the drug-induced shooter from Auditorium studio Cipher Prime, is on its way to iPad this month. Intake hit Steam for PC and Mac in November, after debuting in the Cipher Prime Humble Weekly Sale. Intake has players click a series of pills as they tumble from the top of the screen, to...

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