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Dyson is near-synonymous with household electronics like vacuums and fans these days, but we're learning that it could have gone in a very different direction. The company tells The Next Web that it had been developing a Google Glass-like augmented reality headset, the Halo, between 2001 and 2004....

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June 2, 2014 at 3:37PM
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If you're rockin' the suburbs, chances are your Suburban comes in handy when making those weekend jaunts to Home Depot. But if you're a city dweller, particularly one who has to make his / her way up and down subway stairs, things are just a tad more difficult when it comes to transporting purchase...

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James Dyson seems to have made the manipulation of air his life's mission, and his most recent product, the "bladeless" desktop fan, has apparently enjoyed enough success to merit an expanded range. You'll soon be able to splash a cool $450 on either of the elongated Tower (above left) or Pedestal ...

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