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In the wake of the uproar following Sony's announcement regarding customer data theft, the company has continued working to repair the damage and communicate with its customers. The latest information includes an FAQ on the incident as well as another announcement from Linda "Brasse" Carlson: ...

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April 27, 2011 at 10:00AM
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When it comes to getting involved with community, Sony Online Entertainment's Director of Global Community Relations Linda Carlson knows it well. Most often seen tromping around conventions dressed as her beer-craving Dwarven alter-ego Brasse, Carlson was a fixture at SOE's Fan Faire events and aut...

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Community managers are the very definition of a paradox. They're some of the most public faces of the game, yet their role is often least understood. They serve many masters -- developers, players, marketing, press -- and are beholden to all of them at once. They're often on the blunt end of unrest...

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