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Still holding onto your trusty copy of Windows 7 with a steely kung-fu grip? Well partner, it looks like Microsoft's next operating system, codenamed "Threshold," or, Windows 9 in the common tongue, is aimed right at you. The OS will apparently ship in three different flavors (desktop, tablet and ...

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June 30, 2014 at 5:33PM
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There's been a lot of speculation surrounding what's going down at this week's Microsoft Build developers conference, and now we're here, in the land of the cartoon mouse (that's right -- right around the corner from Disneyland), hoping to get to the bottom of all the Windows 8 talk. We've alread...

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Remember the Windows Phone 7 ads, the ones that promised to "save us from our phones" by giving us more "glance and go" information? For the most part, these phones haven't delivered on that promise due to the relative dearth of apps taking advantage of Microsoft's live tile concept. That changes...

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