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Neil Fraser, a true pioneer of science, wasn't satisfied with just wondering whether a lava lamp will work on Jupiter. He opted instead to build a freaking centrifuge in the middle of his living room, strap an innocent lava lamp and a Nexus One to one end with counterbalancing weights on the other,...

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March 8, 2010 at 9:44AM
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Word on the street is that your favorite build-it-yourself bot is about to get some wacky new siblings. If you'll recall, the Erector-branded, Meccano Spykee is a DIY bot which incorporates a webcam, VoIP, DAP functions, and other robotic accessories which make it slightly more friendly and intera...

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Meccano is all set to unveil a WiFi-controlled, Erector-branded robot kit at CES. The Spyke certainly improves on Meccano's earlier metallic attempts at robot sets: this little fella is capable of feeding a webcam video stream to a PC over the aforementioned wireless connection, as well as climbing ...

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