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DigiPen Ball-Stars has a lot of DigiPen in it. DigiPen Institute of Technology students Corey Kay, Curtis McCoy, Jason Meisel, and Sean Reilly have banded together to release Barry's Magical Escape: DigiPen Ball-Stars Edition, a freeware indie crossover title for PC inspired by Mario Party's Bump...

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April 24, 2013 at 7:15PM
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It's Saturday morning. You have a giant bowl of sugar-coated cereal, the comfiest slippers on your feet, and an entire day to spend watching talkative cartoon animals get comically mutilated in some of the most sadistic ways known to man. Quantum Conundrum is kind of like that -- sweet and fun, but...

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With an auspicious beginning at the Independent Games Festival Student Showcase in 2006, a small game -- named Narbacular Drop -- from a group of DigiPen students went on to inspire an industry darling. Several oft-quoted lines of dialog and millions of "The cake is a lie" jokes later, Portal was...

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