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There are already computer chips with brain-like functions, but having them perform brain-like tasks? That's another challenge altogether. Researchers at UC Santa Barbara aren't daunted, however -- they've used a basic, 100-synapse neural circuit to perform the typical human task of image classifi...

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May 12, 2015 at 1:40PM
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Software can now easily spot objects in images, but it can't always describe those objects well; "short man with horse" not only sounds awkward, it doesn't reveal what's really going on. That's where a computer vision breakthrough from Google and Stanford University might come into play. Their sys...

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Biological brains are sometimes overrated, but they're still orders of magnitude quicker and more power-efficient than traditional computer chips. That's why Qualcomm has been quietly funneling some of its prodigious income into a project called "Zeroth," which it hopes will one day give it a radi...

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