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Pivvot ... Pivvot. Pivvot! Now that the word has lost all meaning, let us infuse it with beautiful comprehension: Pivvot is a twitchy, simplistic strategy game in the addictive vein of Super Hexagon, and it's due out on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux on July 14, at a launch sale price of $4.50. Th...

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July 8, 2014 at 5:00PM
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Steam's Greenlight community gave 75 more games the thumbs-up for distribution on the PC platform this week, adding a few familiar titles to the mix. Among the games that can begin start selling on Steam is Get Even, a first-person shooter from Polish developer The Farm 51. Unlike other first-pe...

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I really have a thing for simple games. And I'm not using the word "simple" as a replacement for "easy." I just mean that if a game can teach me how to play it without having to explicitly explain how, I'm much more likely to enjoy my first experience with it. Pivvot is that kind of a game. Par...

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