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The Steam Early Access version of Ndemic Creations' global pandemic sim Plague Inc: Evolved has updated with a new Scenario Creator, letting players unleash their own devastating diseases across a simulated Earth. After installing today's update, players are able to create and share their deadly...

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September 17, 2014 at 2:30PM
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Plague Inc.'s concerningly-enthusiastic virus makers have smothered humanity in quite a few viruses, but they've yet to spread an epidemic that threatens to reassign apes as the world's dominant species. That's about to change, thanks to an update themed after the upcoming Dawn of the Planet of th...

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The PC master race could only resemble Madagascar for so long - Plague Inc's supervirus of fun is coming for all of you on February 20, but the mutation that takes you down will be called Plague Inc: Evolved. Mac and Linux players are targets for Evolved as well, but they'll be reached "as soon ...

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