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This 15-foot inflatable pneumatic beast is a confusing mix of child-like inflatable wonder and cold, brutal, robopocalypse-beckoning science. The Ant-Roach (half-anteater, half, er, roach) is still a concept device, with inflatable actuators on the legs doing the heavy lifting -- apparently up to ...

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November 22, 2011 at 10:26PM
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If you've made a Lego skull you're ultimately going to need some appendages to go with it, and Polish Lego-mistrz Paul (who goes by the handle Sariel) is the man behind this fully-articulated right arm. It uses a combination of electric motors and pneumatic valves that enable it to move... slowly. ...

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The pranks continue with the last place you'd expect to see bling: Dungeons and Dragons Online. Fans of tricked-out rides can now get their smoove on in DDO with 'Pimp My Warforged'! That's right, no longer do you have to labor under the drab and dull colors of battle-hardened plate mail and boots s...

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