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If you've been waiting to command a giant robot arm to do your artistic bidding, Robochop is here and it'll let you hack (or delicately sculpt) your own custom design from a 50-centimeter cube of "durable foam". You (or people visiting the robot arms in person) will be able to design and create a ...

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February 9, 2015 at 6:51AM
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Our favorite ultra-skinny molecules have performed a lot of useful functions over the years, but keeping fruit flies away was never one of them. Now MIT scientists, with US Army funding, have discovered a way to give these nanotubes the canine-like sense of smell needed to stop produce spoilage an...

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Building a big robot is nothing to congratulate yourself on, but doing it in this manner is certainly worthy of a little self-indulgence. The creature you see standing before you is a 22-foot tall Styrobot constructed entirely from spare polystyrene packing materials, and no, each piece didn't just...

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