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NASA's Kepler telescope is still discovering new, distant exoplanets in our corner of the Milky Way, but oftentimes they're hard to visualise and easily forgotten about by some of us normal folk. Now, to get everyone dreaming about these potentially habitable worlds, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laborato...

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January 8, 2015 at 8:20AM
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For most, acquiring some sort of HD display, multi-channel surround sound system and an HD source constitutes a full-blown home theater. For the hardcore, however, having those basic components just isn't enough -- after all, that's not really doing the term "home theater" justice, now is it? Elec...

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While the idea of plugging our headphones into the same jack as every Tom, Dick, and Harry on the subway is slightly off-putting, we can't fault Pepsi for their innovative new advertising campaign that encourages passers-by to listen to short song snippets from publicly-situated multimedia displays....

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