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Uber has been up against the ropes lately. For one, it's dealing with the fall out from an exec's suggestion it should be investigating critical journalists. Plus it's combating a report that claims a 'God Mode' allows its employees to track customers' whereabouts. No doubt keen to shift the spotl

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November 19, 2014 at 11:40AM
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Every year Google offers a bounty to those that can dig up security flaws in its browser. This year, the company is putting $1 million on the line at CanSecWest. But, before the Mountain View crew can even pack up for the event, it's got to cut checks for $47,000 to four different researchers. The v

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Spend an embarrassing amount of your life immersed in the Xbox Live universe? It's cool -- we all do. But now, you'll actually have a better reason to ignore whoever's yelling at you to disconnect. Microsoft has just launched its Xbox Live Rewards loyalty program after testing it out last year, but

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