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How's this for Shark Week? At a recent event, one of Google's product managers revealed just how far the outfit goes to protect its subaquatic infrastructure. Word is that Mountain View's shiny new internet pipeline crossing the Pacific is going to need a Kevlar cover to keep it safe from the jaws

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August 15, 2014 at 5:38AM
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A shark's fearsome teeth don't end in its mouth, as its skin is also made up of millions of sharp, microscopic \"denticles.\" That roughness helps sharks slip through the water more efficiently by reducing drag, but how exactly? To better understand, Harvard researchers studied a Mako shark's skin,

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Earlier this year we brought you news of an exciting DARPA-funded project whose goal was to take your common, household shark and turn it into a remote-controllable spy capable of gathering critical military intelligence such as the location of enemy mines and submarines. And sure enough, Boston Un

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