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You can't escape Slender Man. Even if you unplug your old consoles and huddle under stronger machines, you're still not safe. That's what new ratings from PEGI (Europe's content rating board) suggest anyway, as a 12-and-up grade has been assigned to Slender: The Arrival's sudden appearance on PS4, ...

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October 25, 2014 at 3:30PM
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Slender Man is here. He's creeping through your PS3 and Xbox 360, waiting for you to plop down $10 so he can appear on your TV screen, dressed to the nines but still without a face. Slender: The Arrival on consoles expands the original game with new story elements and extended levels, and those w...

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Notch has already seriously cut into our sleeping time simply by creating Minecraft, but with this new, horrific mob we'll be lucky if we sleep one wink per week. Notch's "Endermen" were designed specifically to creep players out -- to not only be scary, but to be gut-twisting terrifying. In his ...

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