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Netflix recently announced that its people search feature has landed on Xbox 360. The searching method, which is already included in the PS3 Netflix app, includes actors and directors among its search results. It's especially useful if you like having Julia Roberts movie marathons (and really, who ...

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August 25, 2012 at 10:30AM
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You may not have ever thought "Hey, I'd really like to see a video game show with Tommy Wiseau in it." But no one wanted him to write, direct and star in The Room either, and look how that turned out. So it's with a blend of joy, anticipation and dread that we present the trailer for upcomin...

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So, here's the thing: If you're not in on the cosmic joke that is Tommy Wiseau's impossibly bad masterpiece The Room, you're probably not going to grok anything we're about to talk about. Everyone else, brace yourself: Newgrounds founder Tom Fulp released The Room Tribute earlier this morning -- an...

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