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We already know that the United States Congress (or the countless people it employs) can't seem to stop editing Wikipedia articles, but do they need to be such jerks about it? Case in point: Wiki tinkerers using an IP address connected to the US House of Representatives have been blocked from maki...

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August 22, 2014 at 12:27AM
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Four months after it did so in the US, Facebook is now letting UK users choose new gender options. After working with two UK organisations, Press For Change and Gendered Intelligence, the social network added over 70 new terms, allowing you to select one of the new custom genders or add your own. ...

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Many in the queer community identify themselves through genders that don't fit into binary male and female definitions, but social networks typically don't allow for that kind of nuance. Thankfully, Facebook is more accommodating as of today. You can now specify a custom gender as well as a prefer...

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