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What would life be like if you could fell entire civilizations with a flick of your wrist, crush hordes of men with a downward swat and destroy worlds with a ridiculous, wide-armed downhill skiing motion? You'd either be Lord Voldemort, or you'd be playing Babel Rising on Kinect, like the stylish...

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May 22, 2012 at 3:00AM
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Apple's headed straight to the top with a bullet -- they went from 159 to 121 in last year's Fortune 500 ranking, and this year, they've pushed their way up to 103. On the list of the "20 most profitable tech companies," they are solidly at number eight -- Fortune says that the introduction of the i...

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You know we couldn't let the release of the final Harry Potter book slip by without some sort of nod in its general direction! Not only did we warn you, but we've indicated in the past that a few of us tend to be Potter fans around here. If you're not, please, bear with us, and we'll try to be a l...

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