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So you're out on the town with five of your best buddies, and you want a posh ride to the next party without paying a premium for Uber SUV or a limo. Are you stuck? Not after today -- Lyft has unveiled Plus, a high-end service which promises luxuriant ridesharing that won't hit your bank account q...

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May 8, 2014 at 1:00PM
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What often gets lost amongst all the flying and painting and partying is that Mario, he's just a regular dude. He's a blue red collar plumber just looking to earn an honest days pay, hangout with his lady and occasionally deliver a racing kart to unsuspecting Tennesseans. When the artist formerly k...

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Wondering where your HP Slate has been all these weeks since you ordered it? Well, at least one of those precious Windows 7 tablets has taken a little detour from its supposedly enterprise-centric destiny to make a cameo appearance... as a dashboard infotainment system. HP, in its inimitable wisdom...

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