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I'm having a great time in Guild Wars 2's new Edge of the Mists map. It's rekindled my love of World vs. World. I've spent so much time there that I've gotten pretty good at not accidentally running off ledges (although I've probably just jinxed myself), and my collections of empyreal fragments and...

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February 11, 2014 at 12:00PM
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While it's not strictly World of Warcraft-related, we're obviously big fans of Blizzard around here. So it's pretty cool when search giant Google includes an Easter egg that's a direct shout-out to the company. Go to Google and search for Zerg Rush. When you follow those simple instructions, y...

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Today's Around Azeroth comes to us courtesy of Dameon, level 70 Disc/Holy Priest of the Nazjatar Server. He said this about the above picture: This was taken 10 minutes after 2.3 went public and the Nazjatar realm was back up. With the release of new items from the Heroic Badge vendor, it looked l...

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