SoniqCast's Aireo 2: 20GB MP3 player with built-in WiFi

Aireo 2

Their first stab at this, the original Aireo, only had a scant 1.5GB of storage space, but SoniqCast's figured out that most people want a little bit more bang for the buck and have squeeze a 20GB drive into the Aireo 2, their new MP3 with built-in WiFi. You probably won't really want to waste your time using that 802.11b connection for file transfers (synching…20GB…might…take…a…little…while…), but you can use the WiFi to stream Internet radio (it has stream-capturing software, too) or to download Audible audiobooks, and the Aireo 2 also pulls double duty as a wireless hotspot detector (which is such an obvious application, really glad they tossed that one in). Still missing a couple of things that might make use really, truly lustful, like the ability to wirelessly swap tunes with other users (imagine being able to browse and grab tunes from somebody else's player while you're riding the subway) or wirelessly buy songs from an online music store (you could just hit a hotspot to top yourself off), but who are we kidding. Once Apple adds 802.11g (or ultra wideband or WiMax or whatever) to the iPod this thing is just a footnote.

[Via MacCentral]