BioSentient's MobileMe wearable diagnostic device


It's not often you get to write about the keynote speaker at your high school graduation (p.s. - Class of '93 was the best ever, way better than the Class of '94), but Dr. Mae Jemison, former astronaut and host of some CNet TV show we can't remember the name of, has a new company called BioSentient which is working on a wearable diagnostic device called the MobileMe that uses the same technology that NASA uses to remotely monitor an astronaut's breathing, heart rate, sweating, and digestion. The info can then be wirelessly relayed back to a doctor or a special wrist display. Catching heart attacks seems like the most obvious application, but they're also pitching it as a behavior modification device, since it'll help people identify the physiological signs of anxiety and anger even before they actually feel anxious or angry. Or something like that.

[Via Near Near Future]