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Saudi Arabia on a collision course with cameraphones

Peter Rojas

We've posted a few times about how the Saudi kingdom's crack down on cameraphones, but Saudi blogger Alhamedi Alanezi says that the citizenry there are so attached to their cellphones that when the day comes that virtually all cellphones are cameraphones, the government is going to be in big trouble:

When the Saudi people finally rise up in revolt and throw out the House of Saud, it won't be for democratic reform, and it won't be for an islamic republic. It'll be about mobile phones… Arabs in general, and Saudis in particular, live for their mobile phones, in a way that other parts of the world would not understand. And we are physically incapable of ignoring our phone when it rings.

Or more likely one of the big manufacturers will kowtow and make sure that there are plenty of alternative versions of their phones that lack the built-in cameras.

[Via BoingBoing]

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