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Bluetake's Bluetooth stereo headphones

Peter Rojas
Bluetake BT420 Bluetooth headphones

Bluetake has a new pair of  Bluetooth stereo headphones which come with a Bluetooth adapter so you can use it with virtually any MP3 player (or Walkman or portable CD player, for that matter). Since it requires a dongle, the BT420 isn't hugely better than using regular wireless headphones, but it does give you the option of using it in conjunction with your Bluetooth-enabled cellphone so that when you get a call the music is automatically paused so you can answer. Anyway, until Bluetooth shows up in the iPod itself, these headphone will have to do.

One caveat: the battery life on the headphones is listed at only six hours, so your headphones will probably die before your player does.

[Via iPodlounge]

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