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Let's RFID the Mexican legal system


Looks like VeriChip finally has some customers that aren't Spanish club kids. Due to the fact that kidnappings, corruption, and security concerns are such an issue in Mexican governance, the Mexican Attorney General and 160 members of his staff have gotten RFID-chipped. And for those that don't remember, VeriChip markets human RFID implants, with various applications (like barflys in Barcelona). Initially the Mexican chips were implanted for secure-location access reasons last November, but they are also useful to track persons in the event that they are involuntarily or voluntarily missing. Certain Mexican military officials along with the President's staff members are looking into the chipping option as well. And though the FDA still hasn't approved VeriChip's implants in the US, the company now claims that 1,000 or so chips have likely been implanted in US customer.   

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