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Paranoia improves teenage driving

Joshua Klein
teen drivers

That's the premise behind the new RS-1000 Teen On-Board Computer. It's a little black box you can put in your car and which monitors vehicle speed, use of seatbelts, hard cornering, braking, throttle use, and "erratic driving." It's also soon to include a GPS receiver so it can report the car's location in real time. If any preset conditions (such as speed, seatbelts, etc.) are violated the box emits "an audible warning alert." If the alert is ignored, a steady alarm tone will sound until the unsafe condition stops. All such unsafe driving is recorded on a driver "scoring report" which can later be downloaded to a PC for review. Because nothing makes a teenage driver more safe and competent than a little box that chirps at them every time it logs a driving error that it's going to later report to their parents.

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