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Sprint launches Sprint TV

Peter Rojas

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Samsung MM-A700

It's not like anyone ever got too excited about MobiTV, Sprint's streaming "television" service for cellphones, mainly because it's hard to get excited about television that leaves out the video part and instead consists of watching a steady succession of still images that load up one after the other every second (we sorta need the illusion of motion to get us going). Anyway, Sprint's figured it out this time and are back with Sprint TV, which can stream real live video and audio at 15 frames per second. This has the advantage of actually looking like TV (except for the part about watching it on postage stamp-sized window on a cellphone screen), and has a farily solid initial line up of CNN, NBC, Fox Sports, Weather Channel, E! Entertainment, and a few other premium channels. The basic package costs ten bucks a month (though all you get is a channel showing movie trailers and another one with clips culled from all their "real" channels), with premium channels setting you back and an extra $3.95 to $4.95 per month each. Right now the only compatible handset is Samsung's MM-A700 (pictured at right), but sooner or later there will be more.

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