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Human Locator, next step in complete ad bombardment

Heather Sparks

Human Locator

Now that advertisements are being put pretty much everywhere anyone is ever going to look (think coffee cups and toilet stalls), marketers are wising up that it takes something extra to get our attention these days. Which is why we now have the Human Locator, which creates dynamic billboards and window displays that change based on who is watching them (need we mention Minority Report?). Developed by Montreal-based Freeset Interactive, the Human Locator uses off-the-shelf PC computers and cameras to track people (say, at the mall), analyzing their location, speed, and movement in real-time, then can appropriately tweak a battery of LCD projections, video monitors, even stereo equipment and water fountains to best catch their eye. Human Locator even tracks the number of people passing by, keeping tabs on who notices the ads, and can deliver these stats to its clients online.

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