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Meat grinder peripherals

Heather Sparks

It's not often we see a meat grinder hooked to a PC, but Russian cutting-edge often means oddball high-tech and muscle power combos. (Also see the Blue Space leg-powered submarine). Invented by video artist Sergey Teterin, the "Movie Mincer" allows users to manually stream together digital image files like JPEGs without using video software. Apparently the mechanical action of the grinder is transferred electronically to whatever images you have waiting, so you can get sort of an early-days-of-cinema feel to your video. The ground beef-maker/video-cranker peripheral comes packed with features, including pause (stop turning the handle) speed change (speed up the handle), rewind (turn handle in opposite direction) and scratch (jiggle the handle). It's also both PS/2 or USB-ready and really quite a bargain at just $399.

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