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Ask Engadget: Is it time to buy a Tablet PC?

Peter Rojas
Averatec 3500 Tablet PC

Last week Kevin Kelly wanted to a recommendation for a good home projector, this week's question comes to us from reader Aaron S., who wants to know:

Is it finally a good time to purchase a Tablet PC? I realize they're not for everyone, but the thought of being able to take notes by hand actually appeals to me and the only thing that's been holding me back (besides the price) has been my usual reluctance to buy anything until all the first-gen bugs get worked out. I heard that the new version of the Tablet PC OS just came out and I'm wondering whether it might be time to take the plunge. Should I wait? Are prices on Tablet PCs going to fall soon? Can anyone make a specific recommendation?

Any advice for the guy?

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