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Fuel-cell offroading with Peugeot's Quark

Ryan Block, @ryan
Peugeot Quark

We're not sure how much we like the idea of offroading with a fuel-cell vehicle (isn't half the point getting the deafening roar of a four-wheeler?), let alone offroading on something that looks suspiciously like a Plymouth Prowler. That said, if we were going to offroad fuel-cell style, we'd definitely want to do it in Peugeot's Quark, the four-wheeler with a removeable waterproof interactive display that shows fuel cell and traction system information, vehicle speed, and GPS navigation. It can cruise for about 60 miles before the fuel cell needs replacement, which should be more than enough to satisfy that once-monthly extreme lifestyle craving you've got. Now we've just got to scout some rough terrain in Manhattan to kick up some dirt; maybe 42nd St. during rush-hour?

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