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Sony's Clie PEG-VZ90--the world's most expensive Palm?

Gareth Edwards

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Sony PEG-UZ90

This may be the exception that proves the rule, but Sony shows that the PDA isn't quite dead yet (at least not in Japan) with their latest, the multimedia PEG-VZ90. The biggest news is that it's the first Palm with an OLED screen, but besides that it also plays back MPEG-4 video and both ATRAC3 and MP3 audio (hallelujah!), includes 802.11b wireless, and has a CF card slot that will take both communications and memory cards, plus the usual MemoryStick slot. The multimedia angle is further emphasized by losing the keyboard (and camera) of the PEG-UX50 in favour of a slide-out console of multimedia controls, and it looks like the preferred use for this one will be to slam in a CF card or Microdrive loaded with video, though you need to encode with the proprietary software (sound familiar?). Also, the pricing point is an awkward (OK, wallet-destroying) ¥95,000 ($870 US), which puts it way above the hard-disk video players coming onto the market.

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