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Alpine KCA-420i iPod Interface


alpine kca-420iFor those who don't have BMWs (and we're guessing that's a decent percentage), Alpine is releasing the $100 KCA-420i iPod Interface for car stereos. Like the new BMW stereos, the Alpine system allows you to connect your iPod to your car stereo at line level and control it from the stereo head unit. This is great news, as the Alpine systems can be installed in virtually any vehicle, and the head units start at $200. There are some interface and usability issues (playlists are called files and song are called folders), but the sound quality is reported as being excellent. It's also reportedly a little sluggish – you can't speed through songs like you can on the iPod's touch wheel. These are forgivable problems, though, since the unit does do what it promises. The installation kit comes with all necessary cabling, so you too can have a special place for your iPod in your glove compartment next to your registration and proof of insurance. Playlist, that new mag devoted entirely to worship coverage of the iPod, has a review.

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