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Hitatchi Pro Freezer: Very cool!


PRO FridgeSorry, we couldn't resist that headline.  Hitatchi Home & Life Solutions is planning to release the "PRO Freezer!" refridgerators sporting optional LAN support.  Finally, you will be able to monitor how many times your fridge has been opened, triggering warnings that you have visited the doors to obesity one time too many.  Other data access will include temperature adjustments, utility expense triggers, and overall system status (but does it tell you if you have any milk left before you head home?).  The fridge doesn't come with LAN support built in; you'll have to buy an adapter that enables the happy-fun access.  As for wireless support, we have no confirmation, but it sure would be nice given the girth of the unit - they come in 465- and 416-liter versions.  Due in November in Asia, we have no pricing information as of yet.

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