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No one gets between me and my Philips medical eUnderpants

Ryan Block, @ryan
Philips eUnderwear

Who would have thought Philips would be bold like building health monitoring systems (complete with skin-contact electrodes) into, um, underthings? You know, bras and briefs and whatnot; the devices fit in your pants (that's British for knickers, yank) and can detect changes in hearth rhythm, blood pressure, and even detect loss of consciousness via motion-detector. What's more, they can send out emergency calls wirelessly via a home base-station or a GPS-enabled cellphone. So we're going to go out on a limb here and assume these were really designed for the elderly, but you know what? For the youth-oriented version we think the addition of a stank-sensor might yet be an order, since we know more than one person round these parts has got on some raunch unders.

[Via Near Near Future]

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