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Merrill Lynch predicts two new iPods in the first half of 2005

Peter Rojas
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Predicting that there'll be new iPods next year isn't exactly difficult, but Merrill Lynch gets a little down and dirty (or at least a little specific) and predicts what everyone was already guessing: that Apple will introduce both a flash-based player and a photo iPod soon. An analyst with Thomas Weisel swears that they'll come out with a flash iPod before Xmas, but Merrill Lynch speculates that it won't actually make it out until sometime in the first quarter of next year and will probably have 256MB of storage (that honestly seems a bit low all things considered) and retail for $149. They're a little less certain about the deets on the photo iPod, that everyone has been speculating about like crazy, but they think it should also come out soon, probably in the first half of next year.

[Via MacMinute]

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