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BenQ's five new digital cameras: The C60, C62, E41, E30, and C51

Peter Rojas
BenQ C62 digital camera

Ok, they're not the first name that pops to mind when you think of digital cameras, or probably even the second or third or fourth or fifth or sixth, but BenQ has been stealthily staking a claim to this increasingly crowded space. They already announced a couple of new cameras at Photokina last month (the four megapixel E43 and five megapixel E53), now they're adding no fewer than five new models to their line up. Here goes:

  • Starting things off are two new six megapixel cameras, the C60 and the C62 (pictured at right). The C60 has a 2-inch LCD screen, while the C62 has a fast startup time of just one second and a shutter release lag time of only 1/100 of a second.

  • The four megapixel E41, which comes with a 2-inch LCD touchscreen that you can scribble notes on and alsos pull double duty as an MP3 player. Comes in red, gold, and blue.

  • The E30, their new ultracompact three megapixel camera, is just 24mm thick.

  • And lastly, the five megapixel C51 comes with a 3x optical zoom lens and a 2-inch LCD screen.

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