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The LG PM-325, Sprint's new cellphone with Bluetooth

Peter Rojas

LG PM-325It didn't make it out before the Treo 650 like we thought it might have, but Sprint did start carrying the LG PM-325 today, a slider-style phone we probably normally wouldn't waste your time with if it wasn't one of the very few handsets Sprint offers that comes with built-in Bluetooth. We won't get into the whole thing (again) about how Sprint (and Verizon) have dragged their feet when it comes to carrying phones with Bluetooth, and then usually crippling the Bluetooth on the phones that do have it, so instead we'll just mention how the PM-325 also has a 65,000 color LCD screen, a VGA-quality digital camera, and can be had for as little as fifty bucks after rebate.

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