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Nokia Takes On the RAZR With the 6170

Eric Lin

It may not be razor thin, but the metal flip phone stylings of the Nokia 6170 is so obviously aimed squarely at the Motorola RAZR V3. Just in time for holiday shoppers, the 6170 went on sale today around the world, except for North America of course. Other than thickness, the 6170 matches the RAZR in nearly every other category. It's got a 128 x 160 65K color screen plus a 96x65 external screen, VGA camera, GPRS, and EDGE. However it lacks the Motorola's quad band goodness, opting for tri-band GSM instead, and it appears to be lacking Bluetooth as well- such a shame. It does one-up the RAZR by adding push-to-talk if your network supports Nokia's PTT protocol. Since our love for flip phones is well known, a US-friendly triband version will probably appear here well after the holidays are over (or just before they start next year).

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