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Cornice to produce crash-resistant drive

Marc Perton

corniceWe admit it. We've dropped all manner of digital devices, from laptops to audio players, often with disastrous results, and almost always about a day after the warranty has expired. So, when we heard that mini-drive maker Cornice had come up with a one-inch drive that features what the company calls "CrashGuard" protection, we were psyched. According to Cornice, the drive head will be locked in place to avoid data loss when dropped, and the drive can withstand five-foot falls even when unlocked. Cornice, which makes drives for audio players from Creative, Sony and others, plans to release a 3GB version of the drive in January. Separately, Cornice officially announced that Samsung would be including one of the company's 1.5GB drives in its upcoming SPH-V5400 cellphone, the first to include a hard drive. Can't wait to drop, er, get our hands on one of those.

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