RaySat, and their super-futuristic SpeedRay 3000

Ryan Block
R. Block|01.18.05

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RaySat, and their super-futuristic SpeedRay 3000 image
RaySat, and their super-futuristic SpeedRay 3000 image
RaySat SpeedRa 3000

We're a little skeptical of any company that plays it large and manages to use a .us domain, but RaySat's getting some big ups so we figured we'd give you the scoop. Basically, they're all about mobile satellite data communications (no, not the sat phone kind), getting video, audio, and internet to your car; or, in some cases, your train (as in their TorpedoRay). They're provider agnostic so you can hook up your RaySat SpeedRay 3000 (how good is that name, anyway?) with DISH or DirecTV, whomever else you want a roll with. And besides having a huge sat antenna that looks like a giant toilet seat up on the roof of your ride, you're good to go with its integrated 802.11b/g system all for just shy of $3,500 (not including installation and sat subscriber fees). We should also mention that they have a miniscule 2-inch integrated antenna version called the StealthRay, but where's the fun in that? And say, while they're at it, how about rigging their gear to pump some juice as a cellphone/WiFi booster? You know how we do.

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