Post-Tiger wishlist

Barb Dybwad
B. Dybwad|04.16.05

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Barb Dybwad
April 16th, 2005
Post-Tiger wishlist image
Post-Tiger wishlist image
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Tiger isn't even out yet (some of us are counting the days til April 29) and some are already thinking beyond, to the next incarnation of Apple's OS X operating system (Leopard? Lemur? Kitty Kitty?). Macworld editor Jason Snell has got a few items on his wishlist for the next next Mac OS:

  • Smart locations: Settings that change globally depending on the user's location, so there's no need to manually intervene to set up things like email, printer, etc. depending on whether you're at home, at work, on the road.

  • Smart syncing: The ability to choose any arbitrary folder to sync with a remote server (iDisk or other).

  • "Profile": Which he suggests needs a better name, which we'll humbly submit as "Centralized OS" — the ability to log in to any available Mac and have access to your preferences, documents, even applications. This would just rock for anyone who uses multiple machines in the line of duty.

  • iChat as Productivity Tool: Snell asks for an archived chat browser and tabbed chats, both of which we can solve by saying "Use Adium X!" His other ideas are to also archive audio and video chats, and even generate text transcripts from the multimedia content with time-based indexes. Yeah, we want this!

So this is a little out of turn for a "how would you change…" since one just happened (Apple haters relax — there's plenty we want to change about Microsoft products, too; you'll get your turn!), but this is sort of begging for it, so what the hey: How would you change Mac OS X?

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