China opens clinic for the Internet addicted

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Thomas Ricker
July 5th, 2005
China opens clinic for the Internet addicted image
China opens clinic for the Internet addicted image
curious george (monkey addict)

Irritable? Edgy? Waiting for the day when a real rain will come and wash the streets clean? Well perhaps your antisocial behaviours are a sign that you're addicted to the Internet. If you live in China, now you can check your head while preventing further decay to "public morality" at the first officially licensed (read: government stamp-o-approval) Internet addiction clinic in Beijing. The two-dozen-strong doctors and nurses treat mostly 14 to 24 year olds who demonstrate those tell-tale symptoms of "depression, nervousness, fear and unwillingness to interact with others, panic and agitation, sleep disorders, the shakes and numbness in their hands." So come on in, rid yourself of the Internet-crack-monkey while snuggling up to your complimentary Winnie the Pooh duvet and special clear fluid drip to "adjust the unbalanced status of brain secretions." Damn, how do we sign up!?

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