The iPod Stereo FM Modulator

Ryan Block
R. Block|07.20.05

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Ryan Block
July 20th, 2005
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The iPod Stereo FM Modulator image
The iPod Stereo FM Modulator image
iPod FM modulator

No, this thing doesn't turn your iPod audio out into an FM transmitter like the rest—this one's a far more ridiculous and labyrinthine proceture for injecting that audio into your car. Instead of sending your music over the air, the device piggybacks the FM-in directly on your head end, and modulates the signals to FM. And please don't mind the iPod STEREOMODULAR name, it's a modulator, trust us. Sure, you cut FM signal noise and improve quality this way, but jees, why not just get a freaking line-in installed and call it a day?

[Via TechJapan]

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