Apple II cluster computer

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Dave Caolo
September 2, 2005 12:00 PM
applecrateEliot at your sister site Hack a Day has linked to a cluster computer built from Apple //e boards. Each of the eight boards in the "AppleCrate" cluster (purchased for $1 each) is netbooted by a separate, more equipped //e. What is it used for, you may ask? The author writes: "I have written several programs. The first was a parallel work simulator. The simulator puts independent 'jobs' into a message queue of work to be done and receives 'results' from a message queue of completed work. The parallel simulator is described in The AppleCrate Parallel Work Simulator. The next program was really just the part of the parallel simulator that runs an Applesoft program on all slave machines, called PRUN (Parallel RUN)."

I think just getting it to boot is cool enough. Well done, Michael.

[Via Hack a Day]
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