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CNN's Internet "Pipeline" will be in high definition (but not quite)

Richard Lawler
Richard Lawler|@Rjcc|December 4, 2005 6:24 PM

CNNs Pipeline

Good news/bad news situation for people looking interested in more high definition news content. In case you hadn't heard, CNN will be launching Pipeline tomorrow, an online streaming video service (subscriber only). For $25 a month year you get your choice of four video streams which will feature little if any anchor commentary.

The good news, is that the entire control room will feature high definition equipment and all original content will be filmed in HD (no mention of resolution). All video will be streamed in a widescreen format although not in high definition, citing bandwidth (maybe they should work something out with our friends at 2Much?). Video not originally shot in widescreen will be stretched to fill the frame with the same technology currently in use by TNT-HD.

Beyond the implications of a major news network providing so much content just for the Internet and going subscriber only, even though we can't watch it in high definition just yet now that they have the equipment in place perhaps CNN-HD isn't that far off. Not just for cable and satellite customers, but as IPTV rolls out to more media-addicted consumers maybe multiple interactive high definition news streams will be a killer app.

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