Google debuts Gmail Mobile, rejoicing commences

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Paul Miller
December 16, 2005 3:00 AM
Google debuts Gmail Mobile, rejoicing commences image
Google debuts Gmail Mobile, rejoicing commences image
Gmail Mobile

Google has just activated Gmail Mobile that (surprise, surprise) allows you to check you Gmail from your mobile. There have been all sorts of ways for the resourceful Engadgeteer to do this for themselves, — we've been checking Gmail over POP for a while now — but a web interface is pretty ideal for many phones since they won't choke on downloading a few days of mail if they haven't been used to read messages in a while, and who better to do it than Google? They're also bringing those sweet attachment converting services of theirs, so, using no more than your phone's browser, you can browse Word documents and PDF files. Of course you're not getting any of those fun abilities like e-mail auto completion and auto saving from the mother Gmail, but there are a few features like a frequently mailed contacts list and replying to messages by calling the sender that should help ease the pain.

[Thanks, Mike]

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