The winners of Engadget's Five Days of Holiday giveaways!

Ryan Block
R. Block|12.22.05

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We know we've kept everyone waiting long enough, and you've all been very patient to find out who the winners are for Engadget's Five Days of Holiday giveaways are.

Day 1: We'll help you switch wireless carriers
Samsung A680 from Sprint - SebS's nightmarish tale of number porting and missing SMSs. Yikes, we feel your pain, man.
LG VX8100 from Verizon - NitroNeo friend to the community and rural volunteer firefighter's gonna get a phone upgrade so he can save lives
Unlocked Motorola RAZR V3 - Georgia's take on The Night Before Christmas is rather amazing

Day 2: Listen to the Podcast to win an i-mate SP5m
Rich S. emailed in within ten minutes of our podcast airing! Well done, old boy.

Day 3: Xbox 360 E3 faceplates, Kameo, and a bunch of Live subscriptions!
Grand prize - Maurizio L.
Second place - Rob L.
Runners up - Adam K., Cameron C., Chris C., Matt D., Jesse D., Justin G.

Day 4: Guess what we're giving away!
Traver R. guessed it correctly, it was a Sidekick II Mr. Cartoon Edition

Day 5: Convince us to give you an HTC Universal
This is the one that held us up -- you guys submitted an unreal amount of entries to day 5's contest. So many were just downright amazing (and we'll be rolling a highlights reel very soon), but we had to pick a winner and anchorman Kirk Yuhnke managed to completely convince us to give him the HTC Universal. You positively must download his video, it's really that good. [WMV, 3MB]

Thanks again to everyone who entered, and happy holidays!
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