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BenQ audio @ CES - DAPs galore!

Ryan Block, @ryan

CES Joybee 210s
We checked out the BenQ booth yesterday (they've got loads of stuff to show off), and their Joybee lineup's got a few new notable entries, including their first hard drive-based player. Check it out!

CES BenQ 130The Joybee 130 has no integrated memory, and is expandable to 1GB via an SD slot; it's powered by a single AAA cell (up to 16 hours) and has voice-recording. It should go for $120. Click to read on.

CES BenQ 210

The Joybee 210 comes in 128MB and 512MB sizes, has a USB rechargeable 8-hour li-polymer battery, and should cost $100. Why it costs less than the apparently inferior 130 is beyond us.

CES BenQ 220 + cradleThe Joybee 220 comes in 128, 256, and 512MB sizes, plays back WAV, MP3, and WMA, has a 65K-color LCD (which can display uploaded images), a USB-rechargeable 11-hour lithium-ion battery, voice-recording. Oh, and it?s also got a comparatively huge cradle with integrated speakers; expected release is Q3 2005?why bother?

CES BenQ 720The Joybee 720 is BenQ?s first hard drive based digital audio player, and their new official flagship player. It?s aimed square at the iPod mini (though we played with it, and we definitely have to say it?s more like the size of a vanilla iPod). The 720 features an SD port for expansion (sorry, no SDIO), USB rechargeable 10-hour lithium-ion, plays back MP3, WMA, and WAV, has an FM radio tuner, 65k color 160x128 pixel LCD capable of displaying uploaded photos, and, of course, a 5GB hard drive. Gonna hit the streets for $400 in Q3 as well. Way to go to totally miss the mark in timing on these players, BenQ!

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